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Nomads 2 Ide Hill 3

Smiths Senior Cup Final, Westerham FC, Kent

Wally Paxton's black and white army!

Saturday 12 May, 2012

The day started like most cup final mornings, the sun was shining, there was that distinct smell of dubbin on leather in the air and some players had spent far too long styling their hair! Everyone was raring to go in anticipation of coming back home triumphant! Today was to be our day!


I am pleased to say that all players successfully managed to get to the ground in reasonable time before the kick-off, giving Chris Thomas the chance to properly put everyone through their paces, including a very late fitness test for Shaun Boyle’s hamstring, and strangely, Baz!?


You could instantly tell that we were the team more up for this as Nomads appeared to be lounging around on the floor sunbathing after spending 20 minutes kicking the ball 40 yards back and forth to each other. This, after they had turned up in suits, now that’s special! Not even the sound of some tinny pop baring out of their changing room could unbalance us today, we were focused, ready and willing to die for our colleagues.


This included the whole squad, not just those who made it onto the playing field. It has to be noted that you act as part of the team and should take great pleasure knowing that you played your part in the cup run. On Saturday these players happened to be Andy Rudden, Nigel Jeffrey, Joe Watfa and Baz Pennells! You should all take a bow!


Tom Reddick, of the infamous ‘Cooky gate’, was our aficionado of the day and he did well considering the importance of the occasion with two teams who would really go at each other from the off! And this is exactly what happened, no sooner had the whistle gone and Nomads were pushing us back in our own half, Mike McKay making the first of many stops from a one-on-one with Steve Smith.


The game settled down into a bit of a rhythm with each side taking turns with possession. Ide Hill then went up a gear and punished the Nomads defending with a sweet tap in from George Kensell. 1-0 to the Hill. With the crowd now starting to get a little excited, they started chanting “Wally Paxton’s Black and White Army”. Wally was left in sole charge due to the mistiming of the McGinn’s booking an end of season trip away to Geneva! And this was to prove to be no Swiss-rollover!


However, moments later, a mistake by their otherwise ‘safe hands’ goalkeeper, let in George again and he finished with his second goal of the day! We were really moving the ball around now with Shaun and Craig Holder controlling the middle of the park and Jimmy Phillips forever running the left flank against Nomads largest of players.

Wally enjoying his moment

Another great move and a fearless strike from Nick Capon put Ide Hill 3-0 up and all this before halftime. I actually missed this goal due to the large crowds that had congregated on the sidelines. I was always going to be vertically challenged on a level playing field.


We needed to get to halftime in good shape and thanks to Mike once again, we did! He pulled off the save of season from about 2 yards and we went in 3 goals to the good.


Wally led the team into the changing room for a full 10 minute chat, meanwhile Nomads appeared to have popped in and come straight back out again. Surely the only thing Nigel Ship had to say was you need to go back out and play better if you’re going to win this!


Wally made just the one change with Ryan Cornwell coming on for Dave Lansley, who was suffering with a tight hamstring. Dave had done his bit for the day! The new look back four were in for a very busy second half. Callum Heath and James Cook had led the flanks well, and were a match for anyone coming at them, Callum especially getting stuck in, just like his old man used to!


A strange decision by Tom Reddick to book Ryan for a slight tap on the back led to the Nomads revival. Free kick taken and a goal, Ide Hill had switched off for a moment and had been punished. Change number two, to sure up the 3-1 lead we had, came with the introduction of Billy Cornwell for Jimmy. Billy got straight into the fray with some classic 20-yard headers to clear the Ide Hill lines.


Unfortunately this wasn’t enough, and another free kick given away on the edge of the box led to Nomads getting another goal. 3-2 with about 25 minutes left. This seemed to wake us up a little and the final change of the day came when Sam Coleman replaced a very tired Shaun.


As ever, Sam go stuck in and some great runs from Chris and Nick up front pushed their back line into their own area for what seemed like the first time this half. However, more pressing by Nomads made for some really tense moments on the sidelines and everyone was nervous waiting for that final whistle. Ide Hill did their utmost to keep ball and push into the corners.


A final corner to Nomads was cleared by a resurgent Romain and Tom blew the whistle! Ide Hill FC - Cup Champions!!! Now that has a ring to it! Well done to all involved including all those who turned up to support, girlfriends and ex-players alike! It has been a fantastic season at the Hill and this really topped it off!


Now let’s go get the Yuk Cup on Saturday and make this tour an end to a really special year in the history of the club!




Steve Rowley, Ide Hill FC media secretary 

Potters 0 Ide Hill 6

Saturday 5 May, 2012

Thanks again for the late changes which eventually saw Ryan and Billy make an appearance due to the travel chaos faced by Jacko and Columb. Thanks also to Mikey for waiting as long as possible at Orpington Station for Jacko, it appears Mikey may have left just before he arrived.

With a strong squad we started well and quickly went up through a good hatrick from Chris and also good goals from Nick and Cooky. At half time it was 5-0 and Nomads were still drawing away at Ightham. Could this be our day? I dared to mention the goal difference and asked the lads if they could mange another ten in the second half.


In the end, having already lost Shaun to a worrying hamstring injury, Wally and I decided to give everybody a run out and rested both Craig and George just in case. Billy especially showed a talent for the centre midfield role and Ryan settled things again at the back. Andy took a while before he got into the game but ended up finishing well to get our only second half goal.
We should have pushed on and secured a bigger score line but with the news filtering in from Ightham it dampened things towards the end. Both Wally and I were very disappointed however with the fracas that started for no real reason at all and which nearly descended into the game being called off.


I will not go into details or who's fault it was, but neither Wally or I will have that type of scenario creep into our game. At 6-0 up we should not be involved in that type of incident. Let's hope we do not have to mention it again and we will certainly have to keep our concentration and the correct attitude against Nomads' in the final.
Overall a good solid performance with some good possession football. Let's hope we can do the same this weekend.




Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC joint first team manager

Ide Hill 2 Ightham 1

Saturday 28 April, 2012

What can I say other than another excellent result! Wally had been given the task of selecting the sides and I was supportive of his choice, but not necessarily the starting lineup. And with three very good subs it was never going to be that much of a difference in any case.


As normal we had the usual difficulties of people turning up on time and at the start of the game this showed. Ightham came out of the blocks flying especially the rather quick right winger who had the skills of Ronaldo. Dave Lansley, who had again secured his left back position, had to work hard to keep him under control and CJ and Craig Holder sometimes had to double up in an attempt to close him down. Chris had won the toss and as agreed we had gone with the wind. Wally and I worried about the strength and pace that Ightham were showing early on but things were to change.


Having settled and found our own Ronaldo in the disguise of Columb, the game changed! Their young right back could not cope and a number of times Columb skipped passed him and floated in some great crosses. We were now dominating and it took about twenty minutes before Chris secured the lead with a fantastic striker’s goal. Ightham kept trying to come back at us but found it frustrating and Jacko started to boss the midfield where he found more and more space. We started to keep possession and make them work. I think in all honesty they came expecting an easy win but met a much stronger and generally better side. George worked hard down the right and Shaun on a couple of occasion showed why he must play. We were now dominating the game even more and should have had four or five before the break. I was as cautious as ever, knowing that we had to face the wind in the second half.


The start of the second half and as expected with the wind behind them the opposition had a lot more possession, however they were over-running the ball and getting frustrated. CJ took a knock and Billy came on to replace him. We were just getting back into the game when Dave swung his foot at a corner and left Mike no chance as the ball flew into our own net. Had this happened before last week, we may have folded. Wally and I looked at each other and agreed the game was ours, Wally thought 3-1. I, like Wally, was confident we would pick up our game and start to play again. We were not wrong and the whole team seemed to take a large intake of breath and again started to play some great football albeit into the wind. Nick continued to drop back and pick up the loose balls. Shaun was giving everything and what he lost he won back, everybody was so up for it!


Then it came! Amends of all amends! It was written in the stars! After a header by Chris in the box the ball fell loose and on his better foot, Lansley rammed it home from all of two foot. Had it gone in? We could not see! Then the back of the net bulged, the spectators went wild! Wally and I knew there was plenty of time left so again tried to contain our joy and without their demon of a left winger who had limped off injured, Ightham failed to look dangerous. Let’s hope he can recover by next week though. Billy and Craig in the middle of the back line were solid. Shaun had given everything, but the depth and the extra man in midfield was what we needed, yes even Wally and I make the odd tactical change sometimes! On came Sam who did his usual job of putting himself about.


We had the better chances and with minutes to go Chris was through one on one with the keeper. The delight on a buffer goal was not to be and he sadly sliced it wide. The good news was that it travelled far enough to waste some more time. The whistle finally went, triumph was ours again.

Ightham were sporting in defeat and quite rightly they had given us a good but fair hard game and likewise we celebrated with dignity.


Well done lads, this was exactly just what we needed to give ourselves the final chance of the title. However, having now beaten two of the hardest teams in the league, let’s not take Potters for granted. Their pitch suits our style of play, but we must play well and again make sure of the three points.  Let’s hope Ightham can play as well in next Saturday’s game against Nomads and the results go our way. 


Whatever happens we have had a massive season for both sides. The first-team still has the Smith’s Cup Final and we must make sure we stick to simple good football and who knows! Steve has listed below the full squad of those eligible to play on Saturday 12 May, 2012. We are unable to change this but please remember this same squad beat Nomads last year at their ground and we and can do it again. If you are struggling to make this fixture, you must let Steve or I know this week at the latest:

  1. Boyle, Shaun
  2. Capon, Nick
  3. Cooke, James
  4. Duchon, Romain
  5. Grant, Columb
  6. Heath, Callum
  7. Holder, Craig
  8. Jackson, Craig
  9. Jeffrey, Nigel
  10. Kensell, George
  11. Lansley, Dave
  12. McKay, Mike
  13. Miles-Lomas, Jason
  14. Phillips, Jimmy
  15. Rado, Tom
  16. Rudden, Andy
  17. Watfa, Joe

Let’s also not forget Saturday was a massive day for some, but it was a sad one for others. I am sure you will support me on behalf of the club in giving all our sympathy and best wishes to Sam Coleman and his family on the sad loss of his Granddad.


Keith McGinn, joint first team manager

Ide Hill 3 Nomads 2

Saturday 21 April, 2012

What a brilliant result, which puts us back on top of the Premier Division and possibly the league may be in our own hands!
Firstly can I please thank everybody for their support, especially those that did not get on. It is never easy as a manager to let people down and I honestly did not know what substitutes I would use before kick-off. It was all going to depend on the game, the situation we were in and how long was left. I know one or two players were disappointed and I expected that, this report is not the place to try and explain my decision but I am happy to explain my reasons one to one if requested.


One thing I do know is that Wally would not have made any changes and will no doubt give me a roasting for making three which was against his wishes unless absolutely necessary. The two late goals should never have been given and don't think we can blame the changes for what was essentially two errors by the referee.
Having the full choice of both teams was an important factor, however saying that, although we started with two recognised reserves players, two of the substitutes brought on were regular first teamers. Out of the 14 who played, only three were reserves.
We started nervous and at first it looked like we again might choke. However within ten minutes we started to keep the ball and play it simple. The back four looked very strong especially as one or two had not played together for a long time. Ryan and Charlie were a great combination and as hoped it worked very well. Dave kept his slot as temporary left back and again made defending look simple, Callum was his tenacious self and never looked worried. With Jacko back in the centre with Craig we bossed the middle of the park and made them work hard to get the ball. Columb back on the left wing caused them problems throughout the game. George was getting used to his new wide roll but he continues to run and run and run. Nick capon did a great job dropping deep into Shaun's normal position and did well to keep the passing going. The strength and composure of Chris was always going to be their main problem. 15 minutes gone and Chris proved this attribute as he got his head onto a high ball which dropped in over the keepers head.
1-0 up and we grew in strength and confidence. Nick got onto a couple of nice through balls but found the keeper or the post. The keeper then pulled off another great save of the same quality as he did against Shaun in the last encounter. It looked to be in from another Chris header but the keeper somehow tipped it over. However the pressure was building and they were struggling to keep a leash on Columb. It was only a matter of time before he again left their right back flat footed and produced a wonderful floated cross. Chris rose unmarked and buried another header into the net.
Half time came and we were full of confidence but cautious at the same time. We had no need to be as it did not take long for us to again dominate. Nick found himself with another couple of chances, was it not to be his day? Nomads may have chuckled at a couple of missed hits, but he soon made amends with a little jinx to create some space on his famous left foot. This time there was no mistake as the ball was hit sweet and it flew in to the corner of the net again giving their keeper no chance.

Despite Wally's words ringing in my ear all the way from Newcastle we had a couple of knocks and I decided to make some changes. Billy especially looking good having replaced Callum.
With seven minutes to go a floated free kick from Nomads and a shove on Mike allowed the ball to go straight into the net. Time was nearly up but the ref then decided I was never meant to enjoy the afternoon and decided I needed a heart attack instead. How he gave a penalty for a ball thundered at 100 miles an hour which then hit the crossed arms of Charlie covering his chest. Yes believe it or not he gave it! I was down the far end of the pitch but could see Mike make a brave attempt and nearly stopped it. It was 3-2 and at the restart the ref immediately blew his whistle. 

I will let Wally select the side for this week as if it is left with me I will probably be drinking alone on tour. Please make yourself available to Wally, whether you think you will get selected or not. 

Please also remember that we have a Smiths Cup Final on May 12, 2012 at Otford, kicking off at 1.30pm. We will, by the rules, only be allowed to select players who were eligible at the New Year. That squad is very strong but may only number 14 players who are fit. Let's all stay focused on the job ahead and thanks again for your commitment. The eligible squad for the final is as follows: Shaun Boyle, Nick Capon, James Cooke, Romain Duchon, Columb Grant, Callum Heath, Craig Holder, Craig Jackson, Nigel Jeffrey, George Kensell, Dave Lansley, Mike McKay, Jason Miles-Lomas, Jamie Phillips, Tom Rado, Andy Rudden, Joe Watfa. If you are away or cannot make it, then you need to let me know ASAP.




Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC first team manager

Borough Green 1 Ide Hill 2

Saturday 14 April, 2012

Just a first summary of what can only be best described as 'job done'. With Jacko, Columb and James Philips all away, my biggest fear was losing to Borough Green before getting another crack at Nomads and the league. Borough Green did not look at their strongest but we know that they can be dangerous having recently taken points off both Nomads and Ightham. We started well and kept ball. Within 15 minutes I felt confident that they would tire and we would have an easy win. It was not to be and another nervous afternoon was ahead.

We looked confident and strong at the back with Charlie James doing a great job on the ever dangerous Fergus Farmer. With the experience of Mick beside him and Callum and Dave covering the wings we looked safe. The ball was passed neatly throughout the midfield with Jason having a rare start on the left of midfield. He did well and we played some nice and simple football across the park. However we did seem to lack the numbers up front and despite good possession we were not creating many chances. Saying that, with some good footwork from RJ and a neat ball through to Nick Capon on his favoured left foot we got the breakthrough. A sweet strike by Nick put the ball in the opposite corner and we were deservedly in the lead.
We tried to push Shaun up front but we still didn't create many chances. Half time came and we talked about more urgency and how we needed more goals to secure the game. Wally as normal stayed calm and I had to bite my lip as the tension was growing.
Sadly Borough Green started better and we began to look insecure. How ever after ten minutes a change was needed and Andy Rudden came on for the tiring Jason and made a big difference. Again we were keeping ball and now looking more of a threat up front. Finally it paid off and some good one two's down the left wing created a chance for Nick which was saved but finished by the long legs of Shaun Boyle. Two nil up and now we really began to make them work with some confident possession football.


This was the time that we should have made them work harder and monopolise the spaces that were now appearing. With five minutes to go and the game slowing down Borough Green got a corner which should have been cleared as it bounced in the penalty box. Sadly It fell to a green shirt and was popped in from close range. I felt the game was still ours and after a final three nervous minutes the whistle blew and the three points came home. As I said, a job well done and the big game next week looks even bigger with Ightham again losing.
With players returning next week the selection will be tough but as already stated Wally and I have little choice but to throw emotions and sentiments out of the window and we need to be strong and decisive in our selection. We will select the strongest team available to us.


Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC first team manager

St Lawrence 0 Ide Hill 3

Saturday 31 March, 2012

A magnificent performance against a very fit and hard working St Lawrence side. On what was very difficult pitch, I was amazed at the general level of skill displayed. It has to go down as one of our better games of the season. There is little doubt that when we are all available we do have the strongest team in the premier. With four games to go we must show it in every match. I still believe if we can win our our remaining four games it will be a close finish. Especially with Nomads and Ightham both losing yesterday.

I wont go into detail about the game as everybody played so well but it was good to see Nick back on song with a second half hatrick. The ability of keeping possession and quick time football when needed was a credit to everybody. I also hope Chris Thomas' nose does not end up like mine and thanks to him again for making the effort at both games. Wally and I indicated our intention before the game as to our selection policy for the rest of the season. Our intention is not to upset individuals but I hope you can understand that we must make big decisions to ensure we finish as strong as possible.
Lets stay strong , committed and finish with a bang.




Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC first team manager

Ide Hill 1 Kemsing 0

Saturday 24 March, 2012


Things are not over yet !


It was a good performance on Saturday which was not portrayed in the final result. It did not highlight our overall possession and the large number of attempts that were not taken. Albeit a slightly weaker Kemsing side they still knew how to play good football. However with Jacko back from suspension and the mighty Mick Gregory in the same side we looked very strong and for once we were possibly more vocal than our opposition. Cooky had also returned to the fold and reminded us of his escapades in the other half of the field.


Craig deputised well in the back four next to Mick and learnt early to get out of the way if Mick calls. Jamie Phillips came off early with a calf injury and RJ who had arrived late as planned got on sooner that anticipated and did a good job on the right side of midfield. Columb was ever impressive taking on players down the left but we all need some practise at corners. Young Callum was ever tenacious and always willing to overlap the midfield. Mike Mckay was hardly ever tested but was good at dispersing quick throw outs.


We stuck with the five across midfield and played Andy Rudden up front on his own. Sadly we did not give him enough support and he had little opportunity to run onto any through balls. The chances did still appear and thanks to the goal post, some desperate defending and a bobbly pitch we went in at half time 0-0.

The advice from the management was to stay calm and keep the football going, the goal would come!


Thirty minutes into the second half and again having created some good chances the scores were still level and we felt that not only was it not to be our day but you could see the odd bit of luck on their side might in fact allow them to pinch all three points.


Then with only 15 minutes to go the cavalry arrived in the tall shape of Chris Thomas dashing up the drive towards the pitch still in kit with boots in hand. For once I had used my head and had cleverly named him as a sub before kick off. He came on for the tired Andy who had given his all.


Within minutes Chris was causing problems and found some space on the right wing. He looked up and floated a wonderful ball to the penalty spot. Jacko had made ground and rose like a salmon to head the ball back across the box into the top right hand corner leaving the keeper stranded. It was only what we deserved and kept our outside chance of the league alive.


We again face a strong St Lawrence side this weekend and will need another strong squad to keep our momentum going. I will be making a request for an hour later kick off similar to what they had requested for our recent cup game. Therefore keep your eye out for a 3.00pm kick-off.


Well done but lets not take our foot off the gas and lets stay strong and committed.


Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC first team manager

Eynsford 2 Ide Hill 0

Saturday 10 March, 2012

Very little to say other than I hate this pitch. Not only did we have to compete with the hill but half the pitch had been rolled the other was like a ploughed field andt there was no pitch lines.
Playing up the hill the back four did a brilliant job in keeping us level until half time. Thanks to George Heath stepping in until nick made it from work.  We discussed at half time that we  had to continue to play simple football in the second half.  Sadly against the run of play they took the lead with a screamer of a shot that mike had no chance of stopping. We then seemed to go into panic mode and we lost all our shape and basically tired to hard as individuals instead of keeping it to simple possession football. We had most of the second half and missed a couple of opportunities. Again they broke as we pushed forward.


Two nil down but we still looked capable of getting something if we could find one goal. It was not to be and  they are not a bad side . However it was not to be our day but we must try to find some of our early season form to complete the season. Although it is still possible to do well in the league I  think we should now focus on the the Smiths final and reaching the final of the craske and wells. However the league game are still very important and from now on everybody is playing for a place to play in these two cups and commitment shown and attitude will be taken into consideration .


We must make sure we have a good run up to the end of the season.


Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC first team manager

St Lawrence 3 Ide Hill 1

Saturday 29 January, 2012

This was a big game for the Hill and in order to keep their title aspirations alive a big 3 points was needed. However, before the game even started Hill were struggling to get a team out. 15 minutes before KO we were still in the changing room with 6 players. George decided he would prefer to go watch the Reserves at home. Columb & Jacko were caught in traffic and the rest of the team were simply having trouble reading the time. Still, due to a slightly delayed KO we actually had 13 players.


George Heath had to step in at left back and Steve McGinn had to start centre mid in a desperate attempt to avoid his dad dragging him away to watch Newcastle. The game started a little scrappy with both teams trying to get a foothold on the ball. Colum & Rudden held up the ball well with Jacko, Jimmy Phillips, and Kensell always available to off load. The back four of George, Lansley, Craig & Callum soaked up any opposition pressure and Mike Mckay was ever reliable in goal when required.


Steve was replaced by Jason as Wally, Keith & Steve were off to watch the almighty Brighton! This left the clubs celebrity twitter stalker in charge. Mr Steve Rowley and then around 40 minutes (not going to lie I haven’t got a clue when) Hill opened the scoring. Jacko whipped in a Beckham-esque cross that was met by Rudden who redirected the ball into the back of the net. 1-0. Lovely jubbly.


1-0 at half time we had put ourselves in a great place to pick up that all important 3 points. The second half kicked off … … and it really hit the fan. I can’t really remember the goals as I have chosen to block them from my consciousness. They were scored by the same player. One of them hit the crossbar before it went in. One was a header. One just went in. It wasn’t as if we were playing that bad, the goals just seemed to be the consequence of a lack of concentration. Something that we found out the hard way you can’t afford to do in this league!


70 minutes gone however The Hill had an ace in the bag. James Cooke. He confidently jogged onto the pitch and then 30 seconds later walked straight off having been sent his marching orders. I’ll let you decide for yourself if it was a red card. From the words of Mr Cooke himself “My foot was stuck so I pulled in clear and stamped it back down … I only caught him with my front 2 studs” Brilliant. To be fair to Cookie the whole situation was exaggerated by the St Lawrence player who was screaming like a baby wanting his mummy’s milk.


Upon seeing one of his babies sent off Lansley puffed himself up and marched towards the ref. It was beautiful, like a dominant male meerkat trying to protect its young. Dave however thought better of it and play continued with Hill reverting to a 3:4:2 formation. Joe replaced Jason on the wing and Jimmy Phillips dropped to defence with Craig & Lansley. The red card seemed to give us a kick up the arse we required and for the last 15 minutes played some excellent football. It didn’t feel as if we were a player down. Jimmy Phillips took it on himself to be the voice of the team and did a smashing job leading by example.

Final score 1-3. Disappointing.


Man of the Match (in my opinion): Jimmy Philips.


I would like to say cheers to Steve for stepping in as manager and George Heath for putting in a tireless display at left back – great display, and that’s not taking into account his advancing years ;)


A quick note for next week – it is important we remain positive, there is actually still a long way to go this season so onwards and upwards!


Craig Holder, Ide Hill FC player

Eynsford 1 Ide Hill 2

Saturday 21 January

With a strong squad including the return of Shaun Boyle this week should have been a bit easier than some previous games. However with new management in place at Eynsford and three new signings, they turned out to be better than anticipated. We chose to play up field against the dreaded hill but with the wind behind us. The first ten minutes was all a bit of kick and rush and neither team dominated. However once we got the ball on the floor our strength in midfield began to show and we started to create chances. Nick sadly needs a goal or two to get back to what we normally expect but his pace scared them at the back. Especially with Shaun playing that supporting role from midfield. It did not take long for their number 14 to take out Nick from behind in a tackle that could have broken his leg. The ref deemed it was only a yellow much to the relief of most of their team and supporters. Craig Holder again stood in at centre back with the still injured Dave Lansley, but both were solid and looked unworried. The first goal eventually came as Cooky went on one of his searching runs forward and with some quick feet the ball landed on Shaun's right foot who created his space and buried the ball with a bullet of a finish. Romain had not yet arrived but at half time the management decided not to change things.
Now playing down hill we started to dominate but to Eynsford credit and a tricky new signing called Spink they never gave up. The ref in the first had had been very frustrating by calling back at least three quickly taken free kicks for not been quite in the right place. I then nearly found myself in trouble when Shaun was blatantly brought down in the box. Everybody just assumed it was a penalty. As the ref waved play on I sadly lost my temper and was spoken to by the ref. The ref claimed at first not to have seen it then changed it to he did not see it as a penalty. I bit my lip and the game resumed. Following a previous comical free kick to us outside of their box my words were finally adhered too as we don't need two or three players taking a free kick. With one taker, the ball was floated right into the danger area and Jacko rose above their keeper and with a little flick on we were deservedly two nil up.
We should and were dominating the game and we looked the more likely to extend our lead. Shaun came off feeling his first full game back and Craig went back into his normal role in midield with Romain making up the back line. Callum also had to come off having played earlier that morning. James fell back to right back and looked very secure. Andy Rudden came on to revert back to our normal five in midfield.
Again the referee was not in either mine or Wally's best book as for some reason he allowed their fourteen to commit a number of further dangerous and blatant fouls but still deemed no further action. We never looked in danger and having been awarded a free kick we were happy to slow the game down. Jacko dropped the ball to the ground from his hands and as previously requested decided to gently kick the ball back to the open space where he believed the foul had occurred. suddenly an Eynsford player ran onto the ball claiming we had taken the kick and to our horror the ref waved play on. We were all out of position and flat footed, with three against one they managed to lob Mikey who had little option but to come out and try to close them down. Despite our disbelief at the ref he allowed the goal. Again, I was chewing on my scarf in attempt not to say anything. As a result we also suffered two bookings in the process of trying to explain to the ref that we had not taken the kick. 


In the end we held out and came away with another deserved three points against a strong physical Eynsford side and also on a crap pitch. Lets hope they can mange to play so well against some of our other opposition.
Much better this week in responding to Steve, please keep it up.
Well done to the whole team including Joe, Jason and George Booker who never came on.

Keith McGinn and Wally Paxton, joint managers Ide Hill FC

Nomads 2 Ide Hill 2

Saturday 14 January

We never seem to have the luck. What initially on paper looked a very strong squad, we had to start without Nick up front who got delayed at work and then got a speeding ticket trying to make up ground. We also lost Dave Lansley to monday night football and within twenty minutes of the game we lost Callum through a back injury and finally Nigel jeffery through a bad shoulder injury. Lansley the hero as always turned out and hobbled around but did a magnificent job, Callum should be back next week but it looks like Nigel's injury will keep him out for a good few weeks.
At the start of the game we had to jiggle things around with Columb having to start up front with jason make his first start for the first team. He did a great job for the team but as was expected found the pace hard towards the end of the game. We started knowing that three points would revive our league campaign and for the first fifteen minutes we could have scored three and I think nomads realised that we were a lot stronger than our last encounter. Jacko, Craig and George were dominating the centre midfield and the one two passing had them on the back foot. With twenty minutes gone Callum Heath was dealing well with the dangerous kevin carpenter but fell badly and hurt his back which forced him off after another ten minutes. Craig dropped back to centre back as Nigel came to left back. Nick had just arrived and filled in with Columb up front. Nomads started to get their feel for the game and despite good possession they caught us on the break with a long ball down the left wing. Mike made the decision to come out of his box to try and intercept the ball as it had gone over the top of Nigel . The mud made the ball slow and the opposition reached it before Mikey and neatly lobbed it into the net. We came back at them straight away and had a number of good chances. We were confident if we could hold off till second half and playing with the slope it would be a different game.  With only three minutes left to half time Nigel also got injured during  a scramble in our penalty area and the game was delayed for ten minutes so we could get him treated and off the pitch. Lansley as mentioned put his pain aside and came on at right back and did a magnificent job
Second half started and again we had all of the first five minutes but could not make it count. Again and against the run of play Nomads sneaked another goal and it appeared it was going to be another one of those days. . The hill then got back into the game and got one back through a good cross which Columb got his head to before the hands of their keeper and the ball was lobbed towards the net. To our concern George kensell appeared from no where and decided to be safe and bury the ball into the net whilst nearly on the goal line. It always best to make sure but wally and I were a bit worried that their linesman may raise his flag. To his credit he didn't and we were back in it. Although Georges name will be in the paper the credit goes to Columb. Even with Lansley struggling with a bad leg the back four looked solid apart from the odd scare as we tried to push forward.
With fifteen minutes or so to go James Phillips rose in the centre of the penalty box and met a cracking corner from jacko. No keeper could stop that bullet of a header and we were level. Things were getting tense both on and off the field. The ref for some reason failed to give a blatant free kick to jacko who had been hauled to the ground in the centre of the field. Jacko realising no kick had been given got up quicker to tried to retrieve the ball. Sadly in his frustration and eagerness to get the ball before an approaching nomads player the ref deemed it two footed  and dangerous. Nomads decided they wanted to take matters further and a small scuffle ensued. The result,  jacko off for a challenge that never should have happened and one of their players also saw red but for what nobody was to sure. There is lot to be said for allowing 'play to continue' and 'its a man game' however there is more to be said for a foul is a foul and had it been given the game would not have descended to that level and two players would not be missing three vital matches for both teams.
Joe Watfa came on for the tiring Jason and Columb came back to his normal left midfield/winger role. In the last five minutes we again had the two best chances. Firstly nick broke free down the right hand side and went for his normal left foot curler into the top left hand corner , sadly it went just wide. We kept the pressure on desperate for the winner. Columb now more on the left was also proving dividends and he was jinxing past their left back for the fun of it . With seconds remaining he took three on down the left and put a low cross into the centre of the box to the incoming Nick capon who hit it sweetly with his trusted left foot. Although struck with power the goal keeper was fortunate to be in the right place as it went straight to him. Another day the thee points would have been ours.
In the end it was a good game of football by two good sides who played some good passing football.
Everybody should be proud of their performance and we look forward to the final and our next league encounter.
Although the league position would indicate that we appear to have weaker opposition on saturday we all know that eynsford have some good players and a bad pitch so we still must continue to turn out as good as side as possible. PLEASE LET STEVE KNOW YOUR AVAILABILITY NOW.
Well done 
Keith McGinn and Wally Paxton, joint managers Ide Hill FC

Borough Green United 0 Ide Hill 1

Saturday 10 December

It is often said that a cup tie can provide a welcome distraction from the cut and thrust of a relentless league campaign, and the month of December has thrown up a Cup heavy fixture list for everyone involved in Ide Hill Football Club. With Nomads ploughing on in the league, and following the close run disappointment of last weeks District Cup shootout extravaganza with Kingsdown, a Semi-Final with Borough Green United provided a perfect opportunity for Keith McGinn and Wally Paxton’s team to show their nerve, commitment and resolve with a Festive Cup Final spot up for grabs.


In stereotypical cup tie conditions of biting cold and blustery breeze, Ide Hill took to the field without the injured Boyle, jet-setting Phillips and Van-Persie admiring Heath, and quickly took control of a bitty first 15, Jackson and Holder edging the gritty and hard fought midfield battles, with the rewards some snatched half chances and long range attempts. As the game unfolded, IHFC slowly began to monopolise the field, with Grant and Kensell tormenting their opposite markers, linking well with the dogged Capon in the final third, all the while Duchon and Lansley looking increasingly confident at the rare long ball BGU were able to fling forwards. Both IHFC full backs were also looking confident in the first 15, providing an outlet for Hill to play the ball out from the back, with Jeffery looking particularly assured up until an injury early in the first half, although the unexpected change did not hamper Hill’s efforts, persistent throughout, and they were rewarded for their endeavours on 24 minutes, with a goal that demonstrated all of the qualities of the day’s efforts. Following a half attack that was more than competently dealt with by the Lansley-Duchon show at the back, Holder won yet another 50-50 in the centre, and demonstrating incredible  strength and desire to get to the resulting loose ball, Jackson fed Kensell, his run made possible by the intelligent decoy movement of Grant and Rudden, and a late dink through was met by one of Nick Capon’s famous runs, and despite a miskick, safely found the bottom corner of the BGU net.


Despite the  dominance of possession though, the killer second was not forthcoming, and by the break which came at the right time, BGU had created a few half chances; fuel indeed for McGinn and Paxton’s half time pep talk.


With the Geordie duo’s reminder still ringing in their ears, and buoyed by a record away attendance of 19, IHFC tried courageously to continue winning the individual battles, and playing some fabulous football in patches, tested the BGU keeper several times again, Grant sending the best of these beyond a helpless BGU keeper and off the woodwork. It’s very rare that a team dominates any cup tie throughout, and Boro chose the final 10 minutes to do most of their threatening, Mike McKay coming to Hill’s rescue four times during this period, one of which a contender for save of the season.


There was time for one last swathe of BGU attacks in the dying moments before IHFC confirmed their spot in the Cup Final, Rado and Cooke taking turns to dispel danger.


In summary, it was a terrific day for IHFC. As a club they demonstrated unity and solidarity with a great turn out of support, they showed terrific commitment, particularly from Watfa and Miles-Lomas who were happy to forgo an appearance to secure a final spot, and there was a terrific performance on the field, at different moments demonstrating all the qualities that are required to win a cup. Ability, patience, hard work, strength, confidence, persistence, versatility, passion, desire, talking and turning in an all round very mature performance. There will be tight games that teams win by 4 or 5, and there will be more comprehensive performances only rewarded by the odd goal, but in the cup, a win is a win.


Huge congratulations to everyone on the day; the perfect way to prepare ahead of a tricky looking league tie at Kemsing, but with another performance like this, there will be no problems.


Bazil Pennells, reserve team manager

Kingsdown Racers 3 Ide Hill 3 (3-3 aet, 7-6 on penalties)

Saturday 3 December

Lads I will not dwell on this game too much as you are all aware if it had not been for the heavy fine I probably would have conceded this game on Friday night. Plus we need to focus on this week's match!


By Friday night with Nick still struggling and Romain and Cooky also carrying injuries, we were looking at only 9 players available. Cooky and Romain were both good enough (don't take that the wrong way, its meant as it sounds) to put aside their injuries and both agreed to play a half each. Sadly we were again let down on the day by a certain person and we started the game with the mighty Steve 'Lino' Rowley as our only subsitute.
We could not call-up any Reserves to assist as this would have cup tied them for the next round of their Charity cup match. This cup would have been difficult for us to win, but I would have taken a win if only to have seen us full strength against higher opposition in the next round and at better facilities than Kingsdown.
We started the game badly and were two goals down within ten minutes or so. However unlike when we played Igtham, we did not throw in the towel and battled our way back into the game. Goals from our youngsters Callum and Joe will give them both confidence for the rest of the season. Joe particularly looked more at ease and gave them one or two problems. It is never much fun playing against a side that moan and groan about every decision and who were getting very excited about turning over a higher opposition.
We were assisted by an own goal and the game ended 3- 3 when in all honesty we were starting to look the better side. We played in fits and starts and could not control the ball for long periods.
Extra time was the worst thing that could have happened and Wally and I joked about conceding a late goal to avoid this, but in all honesty I think that would have been unfair on the team who were all trying so hard to win. With Dave L, Romian, Cooky, and Mikey Mckay all struggling with injuries, it was always going to be difficult. Mike who could hardly walk was performing miracle saves and kept us in the game. We too had one or two chances which could have sealed the game. Joe, who had given everything, was struck badly by cramp and could not continue. On came the mighty Steve Rowley (after 100 minutes running the line Ed.) to great applause and gratitude of the lads for his support. He was always going to find it difficult having not played much this season but he did us a great job. (Man of the match I heard! Ed.)
Next Nigel's groin went and it was looking like we were going to have to play with ten. To Nigel's credit and like Mike, Dave and Romain, we battled on and held out for the dreaded penalties. It is no lie that having reached this stage I would have loved us to go through, mainly to avoid the childish display by their number '88' at the end. Sadly despite taking the lead in the penalties (again thanks to the heroics of Mike) we then managed to miss two and go out 7-6 . I will not name those that did not score as in all honesty it did not matter that much and they had both played so well.
Next week however is a totally different game and I will expect everybody who is fit to make themselves available. This is the biggest semi we've had in a while and will put us in a final which we know we can win. This week please respond to the email before Wednesday and make sure you chase your team mates to make sure everybody is aware how important next week is. We must make sure we are as strong as possible.
Well done to the whole team for all for the hard work this week and I was again really pleased to see that we do not moan and our team spirit remains in tact. Here's to next week!


Keith McGinn and Wally Paxton, joint first team managers

Potters 2 Ide Hill 4

Saturday 26 November

Last week we did well to get some of our form back and were unlucky to end with a draw in the last seconds of the game. Facing the same opposition again in the cup and with Shaun now missing for at least two months and Nick Capon also unable to recover from a bad tackle last week it would have been safe to say we were facing a difficult game. I have been saying from the start of the season that the first team squad needed at least two more quality players if we were really going to compete this season. Shaun came up trumps again with the introduction of Craig Jackson and Colum Grant. Thanks to both of them for their long travel to help out , there is little doubt we must make every effort to ensure we can get both of these lads to play as often as possible.

This was one of our best performances of the season and I think potters were caught very much on the back foot by some of the possession football we played. I don't think I have seen so many cross field balls or short one two football passes made in one game. There was little doubt that our two new members brought out the best in the whole team and for the large  number of spectators it was a pleasure to watch.  The back four look solid and at ease as they used the width across the back to continually create space and make potters chase the ball. Romain and Dave looked at ease at the back and Cooky worked hard up and down the line. I have to say their pitch helped us and gave us the confidence to take that little bit more time on the ball. The midfield were superb, with such a work rate,  I think any team in our league would have struggled against us in this form. Every player in the middle made time and most importantly played with their heads up. The one two passing between jacko, Craig and George in the middle of the park was a pleasure to watch which was only surpassed by their work rate. With a natural left footer in Colum and jamie out wide right we used the width and space time and time again to support the ever running Andy Rudden up front. It was through Andy 's relentless never give up attitude that he put pressure on the goalkeeper and the ball bounced lose to Andy with an open net in font of him, one nil up ( with a bit of a scare !)
We went from strength to strength and had a few opportunities to increase our lead. How Andy managed to head over from three foot is still amazing. The second soon came as expected but with a little bit of fortune. Colum powered down the left as he had all game and rather than his normal deft floating cross to the back post he rifled it in at the keeper. He failed to keep hold of the ball and it bounced off his chest and into the goal. Things seem to easy and against the run of play and just before half time they broke down the right and an intended cross caught the wind and sailed in over the top of mike's head who had no chance . Half time.
We started the second half as the first dominating the possession and we got a third through jacko who met a superb corner from jamie phillips and buried it at the back post. We then had a number of one on one's with the keeper which should have closed the game down. We were then made to pay for lack of concentration at the back. Despite several opportunities to clear the ball from our box it bobbled, bounced , ricochet off at least ten players before falling to their forward in the six yard box. Lesson to be learnt and no matter how well we had played we had somehow let them back into the game. We stepped it up again and jacko's strength and the support of callum we continued to cause them problems. A fourth was inevitable which again was a vicious cross from Colum , the keeper could not cope with the power and it ended up in the net.
We eased through the last ten minutes and now face a semi final with either Igtham or Borough Green. If we can get nick back quickly and with the side this saturday I would fancy my chances against either .
Well done to the whole team for a great game and I look forward to saturday and another cup game at Kingsdown Racers who are top of Div 1 , who should not be taken lightly.


Keith McGinn and Wally Paxton, joint first team managers

Potters 2 Ide Hill 2

Saturday 19 November

A much better all round performance and as stated we should have pushed on when we were two nil up and claimed all three points. Saying that, with three first teamers again missing we had to rely on Jason and Joe to fill the void. Not forgetting of course John Lansley who nearly started due to the late arrival of George. Thanks to Jason for being patient on the side line and John for helping out as a second sub if needed and for running the line.
We started slow and looked as if we may be in for another hard game against a tall physical Potters side who came with a lot of support. Sadly, it was not always the most productive support and a certain more mature player should not be referring to our lines man (Gaffer) as being a cheat for giving one decision against them in the whole of the first half. We stuck to our game and our confidence grew. Goals by Nick Capon and Shaun Boyle gave us a two nil lead and we must learn to close games out and keep possession.


Both teams continued to have chances at either end but sadly the oppositions verbal dissent had now encroached onto the field, with at least two players getting booked. This included their goalkeeper, whose eyesight must be brilliant to again claim our replacement lines man (the mighty Lansley) was a cheat from the whole length of the field. He said it so loudly and when nobody else was speaking that the whole of the village could hear him. Quite rightly the referee had to jog the full length of the field to book him. 


The game got back underway and although there was little, if no contact on their centre forward, he went down evading the actual challenge. I could see why the ref gave it, however the nimble mighty McKay saved the spot kick for it only to rebound straight to the takers head, which gave us little chance to clear it. Time ticked on and the game seemed to last for ever, and we had two penalty claims turned down including one where Nick lobbed their keeper and then get clattered at neck height. The ball went goal bound but was cleared by a defender, somehow the ref missed our penalty claim and quite rightly stopped the game as the goalkeeper had injured himself in the challenge. We stuck to our guns and within the last few minutes both teams had further chances. They had a very good left midfielder who we must try to deal with better next week.
Just as the game seemed won, and well into injury time, a long hoof of the ball by their keeper found us back peddling. Firstly Craig Holder, who had magnificently stood in at centre back clipped the ball backwards as he tried to head it clear. It bounced high in front of Dave Lansley who tried in vain to get some contact. Yes, you guessed it, it fell straight to their only attacker who had the simple job of kicking it into the net. Potters acted like they had just won the World Cup. Sadly again their keeper who was so happy to get a point, decided for some reason to continue his verbal assault on some of our players and the ref again was right to send the keeper off.
We shook hands and accepted we had dropped points. However after the drubbing against Igtham last week we should again take the positives and at least we have got back to some sort of form. The point also took us back to the top (albeit with Nomads having a few games in hand) and we must now try to get back to our winning ways. Can we please try to maintain our great team spirit and not get involved with petty bickering either between ourselves or the opposition. Trust me it will not help our game.
Well done to everybody that played and we look forward to playing them next week in the cup. We must keep our discipline and do what we do best... play football.


Keith McGinn and Wally Paxton, joint first team managers

Ightham 8 Ide Hill 1

Saturday 12 November


I don't want to say too much this week regarding the first team result on Saturday, other than to say it was one of those weekends where things did not go our way, but as a team we stood strong and never gave in and there was no lack of team spirit.


With only 12 players available we would always find it difficult however to lose Romain in the first fifteen minutes put us under even more pressure and we were forced to play both Jason and Joe much earlier and for more of the game than was intended. We should take some positives from the game and that is as a unit we remain strong and must now get back to winning ways.


Nomads drew and Borough Green got beat so all was not lost. Igtham, as we knew when we played them earlier in the season, are a good side and will take points off other teams. There is no doubt this league will not just be a two or three side league. I anticipate all teams dropping points over the coming months. What we must do is strengthen our depth of squad and attempt to bounce back this week against Potters.


Keith McGinn and Wally Paxton, joint first team managers

Potters 0 Ide Hill 3

Saturday 29 October

Well done to everybody for another great win. Against a very large and physical Potters side we managed to walk away with another very good three points. There will be very few easy games this season but as long as we keep playing good football there is no reason why we can not continue to win games.

A clever little ball through their back four allowed Nick to run onto it and neatly clip it over the keepers head. The score stayed one nil at half time during which we had discovered the best way to play a large defensive side was to play it on the ground. Callum Heath and Andy Rudden were finding lots of space down the right hand side. Callum on a number of occasions overlapping and I believe possibly his best game of the season. 


The whole team started the second half the same way and now finding more space and time due to the hard work that the whole team was putting in. Shaun grabbed a second and we were beginning to look safe. However Craig trying to clear the ball from the box could not see their player on the blind side and when he reached the ball first and Craig reached his foot second it was always going to be penalty. As mentioned before we are being successful because we play as a team and having a great goalkeeper helps and when Mikey saved the spot kick from low down he allowed us to keep a two goal lead and push on for more. It may have been different if they had scored.


The back four kept a clean sheet and were magnificent even though Lansley didn't quite look the part in his baggy tracksuit bottoms. However he and Romain made things look so simple at the back. We then had a number of opportunities to finish the game but it was Andy Rudden who latched onto a Boyle pass and he unlike their penalty taker found the back of the net. Jamie Phillips worked hard down the left and Craig and George, as we now come to expect, bossed the middle of the park. Everybody had a smashing game and made Wally and I very happy managers.


Now for sad part of being successful. With three subs and a strong team on the park it sometimes makes our job as managers very difficult. To get three subs on can upset a whole team and change games very quickly. Trust me I do feel guilty sometimes when I can't get subs on a bit earlier.


However its good to have the experienced Wally next to me who keeps reminding me what we are
trying to do and how changes can sometime work against you and bring extra pressure upon ourselves. Once the game was safe we tried to get all three on as quick a possible but as this was  near the end no subscriptions were requested from the subs. I know this is no consolation but please speak to me or Wally direct if you have any issues. We are more than happy to talk.


Thanks for everybody's continued support and I hope Wally and I are putting in as much effort as you do on the field and can meet your expectations. I am looking to sign on two 16 year old boys from my youth team who I believe are strong and good enough for adult football. I will be talking with Baz this week where players may be best suited. They may not play every game but it is an opportunity when possible to get them experience in the adult game.


Keith McGinn/Wally Paxton, Ide Hill FC First team joint managers

Ide Hill 5 Kemsing 3

Saturday 22 October

Firstly a big thank you to seal for cancelling the reserve game which allowed me full choice of those within the club. Another big thank you to Sam Coleman, Chris Thomas and at late notice Billy Cornwell for stepping up to the mark. Without you all I think we may have struggled to get the same result. I hope some of the first team can return the favour if asked by Baz.


How I ended up with 11 players instead of 17 with minutes to kick off still bemuses me. Romain and Nigel (who was due to arrive with his boots as promised) decided to go shopping at Bromley and consequently got caught up in traffic. Bearing in mind they were due to be there for 13:00hrs it therefore must have taken them two hours. Worst scenario was that they agreed to pick up Andy Rudden, who due to no fault of his own, ended up being a sub. I hope they bought you some beers Andy?!


Shaun's last text message was "I hope to make it for around 15:30 hrs and do the second half". Sadly that is roughly when the game is due to finish and he never made it anyway. I had released Solomon but had not heard that he was not attending, so with minutes to go I had 11. Billy, despite having an injury, donned some old boots and filled in for the missing Romain.


Tom Rado was promoted into left midfield for the missing Andy Rudden. Sadly for Chris, Wally and I had to make some quick decisions and Chris was good enough to start as sub. The intention was to have Chris, Tom and hopefully Shaun as my subs and all were spoken to me personally before the game regarding selecting others before them. Quite rightly all were willing (not always happy) for this as long as it meant a better chance of victory. As we had managed to get Billy on and Romain and Andy on a slow plane from China, Shaun was going to miss out even if he did arrive in time.


I think Kemsing who were looking strong turned up expecting to win and after a short while it looked like it was going to be a difficult game. However with a strike force of Chris and Nick things changed with a few crisp moves and a good finish, we were one nil up. Shortly after, a second goal that will go down as one of the best at the Hill for a number of years. A deft dummy by Chris allowed him to turn and create the space, followed by a series of one-two passes (which I never thought was going to end) between Chris and Nick finally saw Chris head into a near empty net.


I don’t think anybody at the ground disputed it was a great goal. From this point on the whole team moved on another gear and further goals from Nick and George saw us four nil up at half time. I don’t think I could have asked for a more hard working midfield in Tom, George, Craig and Sam. Our fitness and effort put them to shame and in all honesty, I don’t think they knew what hit them.


Half time and Keith and Wally warned about being too complacent against a still dangerous Kemsing side. The left back especially is one of the better players in the league but I think wasted in this position.


They started strong in the second half and Tom began to tire and get a little frustrated, however Nick latched onto a quick ball up front and claimed his normal hatrick which is costing me a fortune in pints. In fairness it did look a tad offside, but hey ho things were looking even better. I can never remember being five nil up against kemsing in the 27 years I have been here.


However my own words came back to haunt me and with a couple of silly errors and switching off they scored three goals in about fifteen minutes. In the old days we may have crumbled but the best bit was that we again started to work hard as a team and the back four again became strong.


Billy and Dave Lansley sweeping things up and both Callum and Cooky getting vital challenges in. Mike Mckay having made a spectacular first half save, was very tidy at the back and for the last fifteen minutes (which should have only been ten to everybody's watches) we eased to what in the end was a great win.


Andy had come on for the injured Sam and Chris finally got on for Billy who we had to force off. Wally and I had some difficult decisions to make this weekend and all were made for the good of the club. Myself and Wally are always keen to explain our decision and are happy to chat after the game about our thoughts.


Kemsing are a good side with some very good players and they will no doubt be taking more points than they loose.


I wont say that if I had that side every week we would win the league as I know sadly I wont have that option. Instead we will push forward to ensure both sides have a great season. I again thank everybody within the club especially the subs for understanding the unusual circumstances and coming through it together.


I look forward to our night out and a curry on Saturday.


Keith McGinn/Wally Paxton, Ide Hill FC First team joint managers

Ide Hill 3 Eynsford 1

Saturday 15 October

An excellent win against a side that just missed out on second place last year.
With Shaun, Craig and jimmy Aspin all missing we could after our defeat last week have expected the same. However this week although we again started slow and conceded the first goal we showed great resilience and determination. Again a slip up made us one nil down and things could have got worse. As it happened a long throw in from Jimmy Phillips found the top of Cooky's head  and deft touch looped it over the keeper and into the far net. Slightly fortunate for the birthday boy ( Whenever it was) but we got back into the game. A few strong words from keith at half time seemed to work and although the play swapped from end to end we slowly began to frustrate them.
Nick capon decided he had enough and decided to take the game by the scruff of the next. Not only did he seem to be back in midfield but centre back, left back and nearly also in goal. This determination and effort seemed to rejuveinated us and george Kinsell also decided to up his game. We began to win everything in the middle of the park and the whole team up their game. Nick picked up the ball in midfield and despite nearly losing it twice he managed somehow to flying down the left wing. having beaten all in front of him he then lofted a high cross over the top of the keeper and the ball,seemed to hang in the six yard area for ages. Andy RUDDEN who had not given up made a long run to be in the right place at the right time and with a powerful headed met nicks cross and buried into an open goal. Twenty minutes to go and it was always going to be hard work but I could see the believe in the whole squad. Chris had done his hard 60 minutes before being replaced by the slight but talented Solomon Christen.
The whole team was now running every where and it was like players possessed . Now that we could see the thee points we did not want to give it up. Eynsford to their credit kept at us and we needed some good work at the back to keep them out. The whole team worked had and we caught them on the hop. Lansley making a strong clearance found Solomon up front on his open. He still a defender close to him but from twenty yards he made enough space onto his favoured left foot. He hit the ball sweet which took a slight deflection of the defenders studs. This however was not enough to stop the ball from skimming along the floor and finding the far right hand bottom corner.
Ant and dec on the side line had smiles from ear to ear. Although with still five minutes to go ( which seemed like forever) the game and points were now ours. Eynsford were good opponents and maybe deserved a better result. However we should not take anything away from  our side who wanted it more. Things are looking good if we can win against strong sides without playing our best. Next week will be a different matter , home to Kemsing  ! we must be confident but I am sure we can go on from here.
Finally you made two old fellas very happy and for the first time in ages we both remembered what we love about the game so much. Our whole week will be good following this win.
Ps for those can not remember please watch the episode of only fools and horses when the Del and his brother Rodney find out that they had sold a watch for two million pound.
in similar scenes Wally and I sat in his green Mondeo in camberwell lane,  the club house now cleaned, electricity off, everybody had gone, the hill was quiet. We looked at each other and counted ONE.. TWO.. THREE...... to see two large geordie boys in a green Mondeo which was rocking from side to side must have worried the locals  but it was the best I had felt for ages.
We both have the boys to thank for that.. thank you and well done !


Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC first team manager

Ide Hill 0 Nomads 2

Saturday 8 October

The first team faced their most formidable opponents so far this season. The week started badly with Nick Capon initially being out through injury and George Kinsell not being available due to a long term charity comitment. With Asplin out for the foreseeable future through injury and with both Andy RUDDEN and RADO not available we had lost five of our normal squad and were down to the bare bones.
Liam Beaumont again made himself available and we managed to get two new young signings , Solomon CHRISTEN, 18 years and Charlie RITCHER 17 years. We were stretched but against nomads it was always going to be difficult.
The bad news is that on the day Liam Beaumont pulled out at 12:45 hrs day claiming illness. He will not play for this club again whilst i am involved. This was the third time he had failed to turn up and is not the sort of player this club needs to push forward!!! .Chris newhouse was also struggling due to his fathers illness but still managed to make kick off.
Things did not look good and then the sun shone on me !. Nick capon agreed to try and play and just before kick off George rang to say he had left his function early and was on route. These three players epitomise the first team squad at the moment.
We started the game well but still appeared to be negative and it was only after twenty minutes we realised we could actually win the game. We had a number of chances with a couple scrambled off the line. Young Solomon had an open goal,  if only it had fallen to his trustworthy left foot rather than his right we could have been in the lead . All in all it was 0-0 at half time and the game was entertaining to watch and could easily swing either way.
Sadly in the second half a long range shot bobbled just in front of mike McKay and hit his chest and bounced back into play. Their centre forward reacted quicker and against the run of play we were one done. We continued to work hard but with about twenty minutes to go the ball fell nicely to the their centre forward who from only 6 foot buried it with a sweet volley.
Our heads never dropped and we continued to try and get back into the game. Everybody on the field gave their all and it was difficult to take anybody off. Charlie who had now come on for the tired Chris Newhouse looked strong but only to get an early knock on his ankle. He appeared to be ok but with only ten minutes to go he went down in agony as he felt the same ankle pop. There was little choice but call an ambulance and with 75 % of the game played the result would stand. We all shook hands and a good game was over. I think they were quite happy to walk away with the points. I am not sure whether we would have got back into it but we will never know but I think we all agree, Charlie's health was more important.
We will play them again and I do believe we will beat them next time. other teams have slipped up this week and i think teams will take points of each other. We may have lost a little momentum but we must not give up and must push on.
As I have mentioned three weeks ago it would be good to see the season through with our current squad of fourteen but this weekend has shown this is not feasible and we need one or two more quality players if we really want to challenge for the top slots.
Heads up next week is a big game and a chance for us to get us back into winning ways but I need people to be committed and turn out whenever possible. Please continue to look for those extra players.
See you ALL next week.


Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC first team manager

Ide Hill 4 St Lawrence 2

Saturday 1 October

A big thank you for all that turned up early to help me with my bad back to put the nets up. I do not expect people to be there so early every week and it was good that those who were running late let me know in advance. However it does not mean I expect the same people to be the ones who are late every week.


As to the game we again started a bit of a lazy mood and conceded an early goal from a simple throw on. We must start on the whistle and not make it hard for ourselves for the rest of the game. We replied within fifteen minutes but sadly I did not see it due to hunting for the match ball in the trees. I believe Craig holder got the touch which was disputed as to whether it had gone over the line. The ref agreed with us and we were back in the game. The second half started much brighter and our work rate increased in mid field to such an extent that we began to boss the game and the ball. This had the natural result and two goals by Nick Capon and one for Shaun Boyle put us in a commanding position of 4-1 up. Sadly we had lost Asplin due to a bad twist of his knee as he landed badly. However the work rate was epitomised by Nick up front who never gave up on a lost ball only to pinch it off the defender near the corner flag and then put it on a plate for Shaun in the middle to finish nicely. With George and Craig working hard in midfield we began to dominate and should have maybe pushed on to a bigger score line. However we lapsed for a couple of minutes and again conceded a silly goal. Before this the back line had looked settled and comfortable with Romain and Dave Lansley sweeping up anything down the middle. Callum had an excellent game which we shouldn’t but have now come to expect.


Jamie Phillips as always was giving everything and Andy Rudden who had now come also got busy. In the second half the team was doing what we do best, support, move and work hard as a team. Cooky also seemed to have no problem at the back until their attacker decided to try but fail, to jump over cooky who was already lying on the floor sun bathing. He failed in his jump and tripped over cooky and in one chorus they all screamed penalty and got it!


Faith was on my side and the penalty was missed. I knew Mike Mckay would have saved it anyway !. Had it gone in things could have got tight for the last few minutes. We must when we get the incentive push on and finish teams off and not allow them the opportunity to come back. George who had given everything came off exhausted only for the mighty RADO to enter the frame and do what he does best. Getting stuck in and trying to keep things simple.


Overall a very good win and some signs that we are getting back to the football we were playing pre season. This Saturday will be a big test but I have confidence in the team that if we play well we will succeed. WE will need that one or two extra players this week so lads please get onto jacko or who ever. I know we may be a bit short this week but as mentioned before the game we will have to share the substitutes roll around a bit to keep all happy. It is only fair and it does highlights our team spirit.


Please respond to Steve's E-mail before 17:00 hrs on Wednesday.


Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC First Team Manager

Ide Hill 3 Ightham 1

Saturday 17 September

The Hill got off to a flying start in their first league game of the season in a hard fought, well deserved victory at home to Ightham. Missing the likes of Boyle, Philips, Rudden and Duchon (arrived at half time) meant that we would have to dig deep in order to get a good result.
The first half started slowly and in all honesty in took about 20 minutes for the Hill to get going. Ightham hit the post and then narrowly missed after a one on one. However, Capon and Asplin were providing problems for their back four and it was Capon himself who opened the scoring with a left foot shot from outside the box. From that moment onwards we looked the better side and the energy and workrate throughout the team was outstanding. More chances followed as well as a great last ditch tackle by Lansley and a superb save by the returning Mike Mckay. The first half finished with us leading 1-0.
We were the better side throughout the second half. George Kensell was outstanding in centre midfield with the support of Craig Holder who had his best game yet for the Hill. A superb three touch move saw Capon drill in another fantastic finish into the bottom corner and that really settled us down. Calum Heath was outstanding at right back and really showed that he's going to be a superb player for a long time. Asplin was a nuisance throughout and scored a really classy goal to round off the scoring for the Hill.
The only defensive error of the whole game lead to a consolation goal for Ightham right at the end. When the game finished, I dont believe there was one player who didn't play out of their skin. I think everyone was very proud to be a part of a great performance. Capon and Kensell in particular showed that they are going to be invaluable to us this season, with Boyle and Philips to come back, we've got a great chance to do well this year.
Lets not get complacent! Borough Green beat Eynsford 6-0 on saturday so it will be tough (much tougher than the friendly suggests). Need our best team out this week so please email ASAP.
Let's keep this run going!
Chris Newhouse, Ide Hill FC Committee Member
Squad: McKay, Heath, Lansley, Newhouse, Cook, Taylor, Kensell, Holder, Woburn, Asplin (1), Capon (2), Duchon, Hammell

Wilderpark 1 Ide Hill 8

Saturday 10 September, 2011

The last friendly of the summer saw the return of Mike Mckay in goal after pre-season with Beckenham Town. However, this was at the expense of James Asplin, who has been outstanding in pre-season. Fantastic to have to 2 good goalkeepers and now an extra outfield player. The squad is getting stronger at a crucial time.


The first half was fairly tight with the Hill defending against the wind which was a bit of a nuisance for the defence but we defended solidly and two excellent finishes from Nick Capon, who was a constant threat. All this after pretty boy George Kensell turned up late, only to miss an open goal with nearly his first touch! Good to get them out the way George before next week!


The second half did start slowly with a goal for Wilderpark, but Shaun Boyle replied with a great solo effort after running from the half way line. It wasn't Shaun’s best game, but he still went on to score another two goals and complete his hatrick!


Capon completed the onslaught by scoring a total of five and takes his pre-season tally to 12. Hope this form continues into next week!


Good end to the best pre-season I've seen at the club. With the confirmation that Ant and Dec (Keith and Wally!) will be managing this season, the first team are looking to challenge for silverware this season.


Ightham at home next week. Everyone is getting the emails so make sure you respond.


Chris Newhouse, Ide Hill FC Committee Member

Ide Hill 5 Borough Green 1

Saturday 3 September, 2011

Another friendly awaited the Hill after a very encouraging pre-season. With a strong squad, there was an air of confidence surrounding the build up to a more challenging fixture against boro'.

With Wally in charge, the Hill made a strong start to the game, taking the lead after 5 minutes when kensell coolly slotted home from close range. Nick the 'Squirrel' Capon looked sharp and again scored for the 3rd week in succession after some pretty poor defending. Boyle was superb throughout with 'Frenchie Duchon' showing some solid defensive form.

The only negative point was Asplin, who failed to score from his own goal kick (something he managed last week). In response to this criticism Asplin reckons he will score more goals than the back four this season. Asplin that might be the case but remember friendlies don't count! Another very solid performance from this seasons keeper.


A lapse in concentration saw the Hill concede before Capon scored his second with a well taken finish just before half time.


Some changes brought a slightly more subdued second half with Capon adding another two and capping off a good display. Rudden and Phillips made excellent contributions along with Holder who had to play in a number of positions.


Wilderpark next week. Please respond to the email EARLY. It’s not fair on Shaun, Keith, Steve and me too chase up all the time! Let us know if you are not getting the emails or give your email address to someone who is! It’s your responsibility .


Onwards and Upwards


Chris Newhouse, Ide Hill FC Committee member

Ide Hill 7 FC Valour 0

Saturday 27 August, 2011

With one or two important players still missing the first team turned out in strength for the first time this season. The temporary management team had a long chat with the team before the game and outlined what is expected of them this season and how they can best achieve this. There is no doubt this squad has a great chance of ending high up the league this season but may still require two or three new players just to bolster the numbers and cover injuries.

Jim Asplin has indicated his preference to play in goal this year and with his mighty kick and very safe hands I can’t see any objections. Even I thought Wally was being a bit optimistic when he advised Jim to have a go at goal in the second half. It’s not very often you see a goalie score intentionally but to Jim and Wally’s credit that's exactly what he did !!.

Romain Duchon has always shown great ability up front but never quite lived up to that role. However at his request he played at centre back and what a difference !!!. He is a natural and had little option but to be involved in the game a lot more and my how it improved his whole game. He used his pace and strength to sweep up any problem along the back line and always found an easy release. I look forward to him being available in this role on a weekly basis.

Newhouse his partner at the back appeared to be getting some fitness back and they worked well together. With Johnny left back (George I hope you done the business) and young Callum starting right back the whole back four looked very strong. With Liam and Lansley to return and Cookie who had an unusual excursion in midfield it gives us plenty of options in the back. Cookie did well in his new role but with the work rate of Shaun, George and Jamie Phillips in midfield it was always going to be an area we dominated.

Again Wally summed it up well at half time when he talked about our three players battling for the same ball. On one occasion all three nearly collided into each other but it just showed the commitment and determination by each player to ensure Ide hill got the ball.

The return of the small but mighty Nick Capon up front is always going to be a massive boost to any team at this standard and both he and Andy Rudden worked very well together causing their defence massive problems. Nick used his touch and pace to grab his usual hat-trick and Andy could have done the same but had to settle for two. I tip Nick to get thirty to forty goals this season and Andy won’t be too many behind. It was good to hear nick say that it was the best he had seen Ide Hill play for a number of years.

Our opposition was a full strength FC Valour from the Tonbridge Premier League to whom we suffered a heavy pre season defeat last season. It was only a matter of time before Shaun picked up on a loose ball on the edge of the box which was a result of what should have been a penalty. I was just about to moan at the ref only to see the ball scream into the back of the net from a bullet of a shot. This set a precedent for the whole game and through good possession and neat team work we scored on a regular basis. There is little doubt that we could have easily ended in double figures. We settled for a good 7-0 win and it was pleasing not to concede any goals.

After the game we again discussed as to why we had had such a good game and how much the players had enjoyed the game. Fitness and skill were very important factors but it was team work along with a great spirit and willingness to work for each which was so important. If the lads can work this hard for each other every week and continue to enjoy their football the results will come naturally.

Well done to all and thanks to pinky and butters for assisting.

Please respond to Steve’s email before Wednesday re your availability, it may be a four pm KO so it should make it easier for Shaun and Romaine. Wally will again be in charge next week so please make sure we help him as much as possible re subs, kit, bottles etc.


Many thanks.


Keith McGinn, Ide Hill FC Club Secretary

About Ide Hill FC

Ide Hill FC are a charter standard club who play in the Kent County League and the Sevenoaks & District League. They were formed in 1923 and became an affiliated member of the FA in 1924. The football club's home pitch is located behind The Cock Inn pub in the picturesque village of Ide Hill and is reported to be the highest football pitch in Kent. 

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